The Company

Saüc i Montnegre helps companies get their products to the market, offering material (roll/spool) conversion service. Our services range from spoolslitting and winding to palletisation and packaging of pallets, through pressing (baling) materials to reduce volume (thereby cutting transport and space costs), and the application of a layer of silicon to avoid sticking, among other things. We also offer merchandise storage in our warehouses, as well as transport, stock management, order picking and preparation and everything related to Logistics and Supply Chain.


We give our clients’ products special treatment from the moment we receive them to the moment they are shipped. We offer full end-to-end traceability, as well as internal checks of weight, length, width, sampling and product review.We record all the data and incidents during each order’s processing using tracking sheets.


We founded the company in 1985, after noticing an increasing amount of companies in our field externalizing their services. We started the business with much excitement and enthusiasm, and today we are still driven by these values. However, since the ways business is conductedhave changed dramatically over the course of the last 15 years, we have evolved accordingly. Our headquarters, a 4300-square metre facility, is located in the Gualba Industrial Park (08474 area code), just50 kilometres north of Barcelona towards France, easily located off theAP-7 highway.